Friday, February 8, 2008

The Bruce Springsteen Bosscast, Februari 2008; R&R Shoes

The Bruce Springsteen Bosscast Februari

Welcome to the first Bosscast brought to you through the Soul Shack. In a series of what I hope to be monthly broadcasts I will be exploring the music of New Jersey's native son. I'm starting this series with an exploration of the Boss and R&R. Every single original track was once played by Bruce Springsteen live or features him in some part.

If there's any song you like to hear on the podcast, or a theme you'd like to see tackled you can contact me through

Live recordings used in this show should all be available through the BTX MP3 Index.

01. Wear My Ring (Around Your Neck), Bruce Springsteen, Hammersmith Odeon 1975-11-24
02. Follow That Dream, Elvis Presley from Elvis Movies
03. Summertimes Blues, Bruce Springsteen, the Agora 1978-08-09
04. Johnny Bye Bye, Chuck Berry from Anthology
05. Bye Bye Johnny, Bruce Springsteen from Tracks (4CD)
06. Follow That Dream, Bruce Springsteen, 1984-09-18 Philadelphia

07. Hang Up My R&R Shoes, Chuck Willis from Stroll On: The Chuck Willis Collection
08. Mountain of Love, Harold Dorman from Mountain of Love
09. Devil With The Blue Dress On, Shorty Long from The Essential Collection

10. Oh Boy, Bruce Springsteen, 1978-04-18 Civic Center Charleston
11. Not Fade Away, Buddy Holly from The Buddy Holly Collection
12. Mona (I Need You Baby), Bo Diddley from The Chess Box
13. Ain't Got You/She's The One, Bruce Springsteen 1988-05-03 Shoreline

14. The Big Payback, Bruce Springsteen from The Essential Bruce Springsteen
15. Open All Night, Bruce Springsteen, 2005-07-06 Milan Forum
16. Stand On It, Bruce Springsteen, 2000-06-15 NY
17. Pink Cadillac, Jerry Lee Lewis (featuring Bruce Springsteen)from Last Man Standing - The Duets

18. Only The Lonely, Roy Orbison & Friends from Roy Orbison: Black & White Night [HD DVD]
19. Be My Baby, The Ronettes from Back to Mono (1958-1969)

20. Walking in the Rain, Bruce Springsteen, 1976-11-04 Streak Of Light Through The Tunnel

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Gina said...

Awesome job, Alex!!

You are amazing! :D

Doah said...

What a great first run. I truly, truly loved your Bosscast and I'm trying to spread the word!

SoulBoogieAlex said...

Cheers people,

I've run into some difficulty with iTunes. The podcast was rejected. I'm not sure if its due to copy rights, but I'll just keep them coming through here.